Éverton Botan, PhD Thesis on VVV 2021

Congratulations to Éverton Botan for his work 'Identification of variable stars in the VVV and investigation of structures in the Galactic bulge', that led to his PhD at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil. Advisor: Roberto K. Saito, UFSC Dr. Botan at his thesis defense along his advisor Prof. Roberto Saito, co-advisor Prof. Antônio [...]

5000+ new galaxies in the MW disk

Location of the 5000+ new galaxies unveiled behind MW's ZoA by Laura Baravalle and María Victoria Alonso from Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental (IATE), Córdoba, Argentina Although the VVV Survey and eXtended VVVX are ment to study variability in the Milky Way most crowded area, the bulge and disk, the team, leaded by Laura [...]

VVV-WIT-08: the giant star that blinked

Leigh C. Smith et al. ‘VVV-WIT-08: the giant star that blinked.’ Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2021). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/mnras/stab1211 https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/astronomers-spot-a-blinking-giant-near-the-centre-of-the-galaxy ©University of Cambridge  VVV-WIT-08 The Giant that BlinkedAn international team leaded by Dr. Leigh Smith from Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy, with astronomers from Britain, Poland, Chile, Brazil and Germany discovered this star that showed [...]

Very massive stars in not so massive clusters

Seungkyung Oh and Pavel Kroupa Following André-Nicolas Chene et al. "Massive open star clusters using the VVV survey, IV. WR 62-2, a new very massive star in the core of the VVV CL041 cluster" Oh and Kroupa study the very massive star, WR62-2 ~80Msun, that violates the mmax– Mecl relation that predicts a mass up [...]

Gergely Hajdu’s PhD thesis on VVV

Congratulations to Dr. Gergely Hajdu on his extraordinary work on: "Structure of the Obscured Galactic Disk with Pulsating Variables" August 7th, 2019 Santiago Committee: Márcio Catelan (UC), profesor guía;Eva K. Grebel (U.Heidelberg) profesora co-guía;  Mario Trieloff (U.Heidelberg), profesor corrector; Thomas Puzia (UC), profesor correctorManuela Zoccali (UC), profesora correctora.

Juan Bautista Cabral PhD in Informatics using VVV data

An outstanding thesis by Juan Bautista Cabral, obtaining Magna Cum Laude on: Analysis and design of astrophysical data mining processes on multiple epoch photometric catalogs March 25, 2019 Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina Advisors Pablo Granitto (CIFACIS-CONICET-UNR) Sebastián Gurovich (IATE-OAC-CONICET-UNC) Committee: Ana Magitman (Universidad Nacional del Sur (Bahia Blanca) - CONICET) Georgina Coldwell (UNSJ-CONICET)  Hugo [...]