2nd VVV Science Meeting, Hertfordshire 2011

2nd VVV Science Meeting, Univ. of Hertfordshire

July 19, 2011

This meeting aims to bring together researchers involved in the wide field optical and near infrared surveys of the Galactic plane in the northern and southern hemispheres. The main surveys are:

UVEX/IPHAS     (u,g,r,i,Halpha northern plane)
VPHAS+             (u,g,r,i,Halpha southern plane)
UKIDSS GPS     (JHK northern plane)
VISTA VVV       (ZYJHKs bulge and southern plane, with ~80 epochs at Ks.)

There will also be discussion of results from “companion” surveys UWISH2 2.12 micron H2 survey and GLIMPSE360.


The Monday to Wednesday sessions will have more emphasis on the IR surveys, while Thursday and Friday it will shift more towards the optical surveys.

All sessions will be in the lecture theatre LC108, apart from the last which will be held in D102 (a classroom not far away).

SOCIAL EVENTS: We are arranging the opportunity for a pub evening meal on Tuesday 19th. The cost of eating/drinking is up to you, according to your need – typical mains are in the region of 8-10 pounds, and drinks will be at normal pub prices. Transport to/from the pub is being set up. Also a dinner for Thursday evening, 21st, has been booked at one of the better restaurants in St Albans (an easily-reached market town with abbey and roman ruins, a few miles from Hatfield), for which the price to be paid on the night will be 20.00 pounds + 2.50 service. This will cover choice of food from their menu B. Soft drinks, tea/coffee to finish, and some initially laid-on wine (and a per head food subsidy) will be taken care of by us. We ask you to sign up for these and, in the case of the pub, ask you to indicate a menu preference by the morning of the 19th, so that we might confirm numbers. The Darcy’s list will close on Wednesday.

Monday 18 July, 2.00-5.30 pm

Session: Survey progress updates and data releases
14.00: VVV update Dante Minniti, PUC
14.30: GPS update Phil Lucas, UH
15.00: VSA release of VVV Nicholas Cross, WFAU
15.30-16.00 Coffee
16.00: VISTA pipeline Mike Irwin, CASU/IoA
16.30: Time series photometry with VISTA Simon Hodgkin, CASU/IoA
17.00: VVV-SkZ_pipeline: an automatic psf-photometry pipeline for VISTA Francesco Mauro, Concepcion

Tuesday 19 July, 9.30-5.30pm

Session: Variability
09.30: DIA photometry updates Eamonn Kerins, Manchester
09.55: A first glance on stellar variability in VVV Istvan Dekany, PUC
10.20: The VVV Templates Project: Automatic Classification of Light Curves Rodolfo Angeloni, PUC
10.45: VVV Colour mag diagrams in the Bulge Roberto Saito, PUC
11.15-11.45 Coffee
Session: Globular clusters/RR Lyraes
11.45: Aperture photometry of globular clusters Maren Hempel, PUC
12.10: The inner Galactic globular clusters as seen in VVV Javier Alonso, PUC
12.35: Analysis of bulge RR Lyrae population from the OGLE-III data Pawel Pietrukowicz, Warsaw
13.00-14.15 Lunch
Session: young clusters and associations
14.15: Young massive stellar clusters in the Milky Way Maria Messineo, MPIfR
14.40: The Chandra-Cygnus X Young Star survey Nick Wright, CfA
15.05: Optical/IR cluster cross-matching Geert Barentsen, Armagh
15.30-16.00 Coffee
16.00: The GPS cluster sample Phil Lucas for David Bush, UH
16.25: Bayesian analysis of star clusters Stuart Sale, Valparaiso
16.50-17.00: Poster adverts
Poster advert: A VVV view of new Galactic star cluster candidates James Clarke, Valparaiso
Poster advert: A VVV view of known massive cluster candidates James Clarke for Jura Borissova, Valparaiso
Poster advert: Reddening-free indices for the VISTA/VVV filter system Marcio Catelan, PUC
Poster advert: Automated selection of reference images for DIA Leo Huckvale, Manchester
First general discussion
19.15 Depart for The Sun Inn, Lemsford for pub dinner – coach pick-up in front of College Lane Main Reception (by seated statue). Return will be at 11.00pm

Wednesday 20 July, 9.30-5.30pm

Session: young clusters and their stellar content
09.30: The GPS/GLIMPSE360 search for red objects Basmah Riaz, UH
09.55: Spectroscopy of extreme variables from the GPS Carlos Contreras, UH
10.20: UWISH2 – an H2 imaging survey of the GLIMPSE-North region Dirk Froebrich, Kent
10.50: H2 outflows at 18 < l < 30; -1 < b < +1 – first results from UWISH2 Survey Georgios Ioannidis, Kent
11.15-11.45 Coffee
Session: Proper motions and rare objects
11.45: Search for Companions to High Proper Motion Stars with VVV Dante/Valentin Ivanov, ESO-Santiago
12.15: An automated 2 epoch Proper Motion search of UKIDSS and VISTA Leigh Smith/Phil, UH
12.45-14.00 Lunch
Session: Galactic structure and reddening
14.00: 3D extinction mapping using hierarchical Bayesian models Stuart Sale, Valparaiso
14.30: 3D Extinction mapping, incorporating UVEX Simone Scaringi, Nijmegen
15.00: Reddening, structure & metallicities of the Bulge from VVV and 2MASS Oscar Gonzales, ESO
15.30-16.00 Tea/Coffee
Session: wider initiatives
16.00: The Gaia-ESO spectroscopic survey, and the GREAT network Nic Walton, IoA Cambridge
16.30: Longer general discussion

Thursday 21 July, 10.00-5.30pm

Session: IPHAS/UVEX update
10.00: IPHAS update Robert Greimel, Graz
10.25: IPHAS classical Be stars within and beyond the Perseus Arm Roberto Raddi, UH
10.55: Automated classification of IPHAS Be stars in the Barbier-Chalonge system Jean Fabregat, Valencia
11.25-11.55 Tea/Coffee
Session: Short-wavelength observations of the plane
11.55: Swift UV Survey of the Bulge + KAT/MeerKAT radio campaign in the Bulge Tom Maccarone, Southampton
12.25: Counterparts to X-ray sources from the Chandra Galactic Plane Survey Sandra Greiss, Warwick
12.55-14.15 Lunch
14.15: UVEX source selection Kars Verbeek, Nijmegen
Session: Planetary Nebulae and White Dwarfs
14.45: Binary stars in planetary nebulae Brent Miszalski, SAAO
15.15: IPHAS global calibration Brent Miszalski, SAAO
15.30-16.00 Tea/Coffee
16.00: V458 Vul: X-shooter results Roger Wesson, UCL
16.25: White dwarfs: searches for companions and debris disks Jonathan Girven, Warwick
16.55 Local white dwarf birth rate from IPHAS Ralf Napiwotzki, UH
20.00 3-course Dinner at Darcy’s in St Albans – get there by bus from in front of the Forum (602 at 1819, 1847, 1925 or 655 at 1819), or by shared taxi (ask hotel reception, or call e.g. 01707 266666), or via lift from a local! To return, shared taxis are easily picked up from St Albans railway station, about 5-10 mins walk from the restaurant.

Friday 22 July, 9.30-13.00

Session: VPHAS+ update and round-table discussion (room D102)
09.30: VPHAS+ status Janet Drew, UH
10.00: First impressions of VST data/performance Mike Irwin, CASU/IoA
10.20: Discussion
11.15-11.45 Tea/Coffee
11.45: Discussion (continued)