observations completed!

Progress of VVV observations 17.10.2015

As of October 17, 2015 the observations for VVV are complete.

Run 179B.2002(B): YZJHK + 5 Ks-epochs for Bulge & Disk
300 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(C): 12 additional Ks-epochs for all Bulge tiles, 8 more Ks-epochs for the Disk tiles
292 hours, competed
Run 179B.2002(D): Bulge in Ks only, selected tiles (b293,294,295,296,307,308,309,310) have now 67 epochs, the rest stands at 33 epochs
275 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(E): Disk in the Ks-band  only. This was a summer semester, only the outer disk (the outer 22 coloums*4 rows of the disk area) could be observed, and got 13 more epochs.
152 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(F): Ks-band only. The inner disk tiles (16 coloums) got 13 more epochs, and were now equal to the outer disk tiles. The bulge was observed with most tiles now reaching 61 epochs and the selected 8 tiles now having 80 epochs.
550 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(G): 268h of Ks-band in both disk and bulge area. 8 tiles (in Baades Window and covered by OGLE) have been selected to be observed 186 times, to allow the detection of short time variables.
268 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(H): Repat Grade ‘D’ OBs from previous observing epochs, epsecially YZJH observations, since there were executed only once.
15 hours, competed
Run 179B.2002(I):  This are the remaining 92 hours of the original VVV Survey. The Disk has now 47 epochs, and the Bulge at 68 epochs.
92 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(J): This are the YZ calibration observations. We got 20 h for those and will observe VVV tiles at the gal. plane  (highest extinction) together with  offset fileds to test the YZ calibrations.
20 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(K):  This are the additional 193 hours to repeat the multi-color observations from year 1 of the survey, given that we are now in the 6th year and the first round of YZ- HKJ images were done 4 years ago.
193 hours, completed
Run 179B.2002(L):  Last year several OBs were affected by startrails and we were granted 17.5 hours to repeat those OBs
17 hours, completed

In most runs the alloted time does not correspond to an exact number of epochs for all tiles, so we filled those free hours with as many ‘Grade D’ OBs we could find, giving preference to disk tiles, since the disk area has less epochs. However, there are also Bulge OBs included. Please remember, that Grade D is NOT the same as rejected, they were executed out of constraints but OB will not be repeated (by default).