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Astronomers make a remarkable discovery in the center of the Milky Way – The Washington Post
They found a disk of bright young stars where everything should be old.


This Stunning Photo of the Milky Way Could Carpet An Entire Apartment

A beautiful, zoomable, nine-gixapixel photo of the central Milky Way  By Colin Schultz, October 24, 2012  |  SMITHSONIAN.com

Sky & Telescope on VVV Survey

Cepheids Map Milky Way – and Beyond

Posted on 4 February 2015 by Astronomy Now



96 New Reasons To Love Star Clusters

Two New Globular Star Clusters Discovered By VISTA

Science Daily
VVV Survey on Science Daily

The Milky Way Galaxy’s Stellar Nursery Captured in Spectacular New Images


Sweeping the dust from a cosmic lobster

February 20, 2013 | Phys Org

VISTA stares right through the Milky Way

New infrared view of the Trifid Nebula reveals new variable stars far beyond |4-Feb-2015 ESO | AAAS and EurekAlert!

Hidden pulsating stars found on the far side of the Trifid Nebula

The ESO’s VISTA telescope has used the near-infrared spectrum to peer through the gaseous cloud of the Trifid Nebula at the hidden stars behind. | CNET | | 4Feb 2015

Größter Sternenkatalog der Milchstraße                                  Forscher stellen Riesenbild vorMittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Astrônomos criam o maior catálogo existente do centro da Via Láctea

24 out 2012  |    TERRA.com, Brasil

這張 90 億畫素的銀河系照片,讓我們再次體會到人類的渺小

Regardez ces nouvelles images impressionnantes de notre Voie Lactée

Publié par Jérémy Garandeau, le 28 octobre 2012
Copyright © Gentside, France

Un poster géant du centre galactique, de 9 milliards de pixels !

Le 28/10/2012, Futura Espace, France

De grootste foto van de Melkweg ooit – zoom in op onze buur-sterren

Marije Willems, 24 oktober 2012, NRC.nl, Netherlands

Science Images of the Week

Rick Pantaleo, Posted October 24th, 2012, Voice of America VOA.com