Very massive stars in not so massive clusters

Seungkyung Oh and Pavel Kroupa Following André-Nicolas Chene et al. "Massive open star clusters using the VVV survey, IV. WR 62-2, a new very massive star in the core of the VVV CL041 cluster" Oh and Kroupa study the very massive star, WR62-2 ~80Msun, that violates the mmax– Mecl relation that predicts a mass up [...]

Gergely Hajdu’s PhD thesis on VVV

Congratulations to Dr. Gergely Hajdu on his extraordinary work on: "Structure of the Obscured Galactic Disk with Pulsating Variables" August 7th, 2019 Santiago Committee: Márcio Catelan (UC), profesor guía;Eva K. Grebel (U.Heidelberg) profesora co-guía;  Mario Trieloff (U.Heidelberg), profesor corrector; Thomas Puzia (UC), profesor correctorManuela Zoccali (UC), profesora correctora.

Juan Bautista Cabral PhD in Informatics using VVV data

An outstanding thesis by Juan Bautista Cabral, obtaining Magna Cum Laude on: Analysis and design of astrophysical data mining processes on multiple epoch photometric catalogs March 25, 2019 Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina Advisors Pablo Granitto (CIFACIS-CONICET-UNR) Sebastián Gurovich (IATE-OAC-CONICET-UNC) Committee: Ana Magitman (Universidad Nacional del Sur (Bahia Blanca) - CONICET) Georgina Coldwell (UNSJ-CONICET)  Hugo [...]