Gergely Hajdu’s PhD thesis on VVV

Congratulations to Dr. Gergely Hajdu on his extraordinary work on: "Structure of the Obscured Galactic Disk with Pulsating Variables" August 7th, 2019 Santiago Committee: Márcio Catelan (UC), profesor guía;Eva K. Grebel (U.Heidelberg) profesora co-guía;  Mario Trieloff (U.Heidelberg), profesor corrector; Thomas Puzia (UC), profesor correctorManuela Zoccali (UC), profesora correctora.

Carlos Contreras Phd Thesis on VVV

Dr. Carlos Contreras' PhD thesis on: "Extreme Variables in Star Forming Regions" Dec. 17, 2014 - Santiago, Chile PhD Supervisor: Dr Phil Lucas, Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics, University of Hertfordshire PhD Co-supervisor: Dr Tim Geldhill, Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics, University of Hertfordshire External Examiner: Professor T Harries, Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences, University of Exeter [...]

Eliade Lima’s PHD thesis on VVV

Eliade Lima defended her PhD Thesis on: "Probing embedded star clusters in the HII complex NGC 6357 with VVV" Dec. 18, 2013 Porto Alegre- RS Brazil Committee: Eduardo Luiz Damiani Bica (UFRGS/RS) Charles Bonato (UFRGS/RS) Marcio Catelan (UCC/Chile) Beatriz L. S. Barbuy (IAG-USP/SP) Miriani Pastoriza (UFRGS/RS) Thaisa Storchi Bergmann (UFRGS/RS) 0ther graduate thesis on VVV [...]