Known Image Defects

Gallery of Known Image Defects

This PDF contains images that illustrate the variety of known image defects in the VVV Survey.
We mostly use the color images made of J (blue), H (green), and Ks (red).
Most of these examples do not mean that the field must be reobserved, they are just facts of the data, and we will have to live with them.
Most defects will be flagged, but people interested in doing science must check the images as well as the photometry before publishing their final results.
This is not a complete list, we illustrate the most common found defects, such as:

  1. Bright Stars
  2. Detector Defects
  3. Reflections
  4. Amoeba
  5. Jet Track
  6. Jump Defects
  7. Shape Changes
  8. Edge Effects
  9. Satellite tracks
  10. Flat Fielding
  11. Trails

Dante Minniti, Ignacio Toledo

December 2010